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How Online Works

More than 25 sessions a week including: DAILY LIVE and ON DEMAND workouts with our incredible instructors via ZOOM or our online portal.

Keep connected, stay healthy and have fun.

A complete schedule of our online timetable is available on this website under timetable and mindbody.

PLEASE BOOK IN for all live sessions as you would for any in studio classes.

To access an archived workout please click on the links below:


Stay sane with our fun naff quizzes, challenges, dancing, games, prayers, guided meditation, story telling and constant support.


We will provide a Zoom code for all live workouts and social events.

We have two Zoom IDs for our Live workouts:

952 077 8024 is used for all workouts except BIKE and HYBRID which uses 419 850 4794

Our password for the workouts will be provided to you if you email: info@turnfit.co.uk.

Please let us know if you are not receiving our newsletters as we will communicate any changes to passwords and the studio offerings via our newletters.

We have chosen to use Zoom as it's a great way to train safely since we can keep an eye on your technique. It allows multiple people to interact at the same time; talk, laugh, exercise and play games in a group! It is also completely free.

This is also the platform we use for online PT so that we can coach our clients through their workout whilst being able to see them.

You can access Zoom and turn off your video during a live workout if you wish to workout in private, but still want to join in with the group sessions.

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How to get started...

Existing TurnFit members

If you are currently a TurnFit member, but not yet part of the "online" community, you can transfer your current membership or convert class credits to join.

To access the TurnFit Unlimited back catalogue we will allocate you a separate sign in for the online portal.

Please contact us to do so:

Non Active TurnFit members

Find the unlimited online packages or session credits under "prices".

Once you have your unlimited online membership please request to join the TurnFit Unlimited back catalogue and we will allocate you a separate login here.

How to set up

Zoom Logo

Launch the Zoom app on your phone, tablet or computer and sign in. Then press ‘Join Meeting’ and enter the Zoom ID. For live workouts made available only to the online community, you will be asked for a password.

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