Gaynor Arnold

Gaynor Arnold

DISCIPLINE: Cardio, strength & conditioning, boxing

I am so excited to be part of the Outstanding team of trainers at TurnFit.

We wanted to open a studio in Guildford which would offer low impact with some high intensity, fun cardio and strength exercise to all ages and stages of fitness and I hope that we will achieve this mission. If you are under 18, over 60, or in between, unfit or super fit – there is a class here for you. We want to work with you to help you to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. Don’t be afraid to come along and try a class or to call and chat about which session makes sense for you and if you don’t find one at the time or day that you need it, let us know.

I began to teach fitness classes as a stop gap after 17 years of working in Corporate Finance in the City. Who guessed I'd still be here 6 years later. What an amazing life change!! I love group exercise because I love people. I don’t have to force myself to work out – someone else will, and no one knows how hard I am working when I'm on a bike or rowing and it clears my head, makes me happier and I feel healthier. If we at TurnFit can help you to improve your athletic performance or find a better quality of life we will have truly achieved out mission.

I have taught just about every type of group exercise (except dance!) but its TRX, Indoor cycling and blended HIIT (strength and cardio) that we've chosen because they maximise your metabolic rate, build tone and muscle and make for a better you!