Fire up your Form

One revolutionary MEGAFORMER studio, One beast of a workout, One bite of LA sculpt and strength: Find those gluts, power up your hamstrings, carve a strong core and build long, lean well defined muscles.

Megaformer workouts build strength, increase cardio fitness, improve flexibility and test your resilience. Blend the toughest elements of reformer pilates with structured muscle fibre loading into “heart pumping, sweat dripping, muscle trembling, hurt so good fun”.

Find your way to a total body transformation


The Megaformer credits give you access the UK's only Megaformers. The Megaformer helps you build strength, increase your cardio fitness and tests your resilience all at the same time. In addition to carving a strong core, Megaformer workouts can improve flexibility, endurance and strength


Megaformer 1 Credit

2 weeks expiry


3 Megaformer Credits

2 weeks expiry


5 Megaformer Credits

5 weeks expiry


12 Megaformer Credits

6 weeks expiry


20 Megaformer Credits

3 months expiry