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Topic of Cancer (TOC Fit)
By Gaynor Arnold - 22 JANUARY 2019

Topic of Cancer is a very personal organisation providing local ToCTogether support groups, ToCFit exercise classes for patients in treatment or recovery and funding research into immunotherapy as a new treatment and possible cure through our team in Guildford. Being volunteers we spend less than 1% on admin so your contribution goes directly to where it is intended.

Check our their website –

Turnfit combined forces with Topic of Cancer to launch ToCFit.

Weekly classes run for cancer patients, survivors and individuals in need of rehab. Each class is tailored to allow for mixed abilities, ages and can also accommodate those still receiving active cancer treatment.

The classes focus on improving or restoring ROM, flexibility, balance and co-ordination through muscular conditioning and light low impact aerobic exercise. Most importantly the classes are social and fun!

Check our timetable to book classes.