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There is growing evidence to support the role of physical activity both during and after cancer treatment. By keeping active you can preserve or improve physical function and psychological wellbeing. It has also been proven that exercise can reduce the negative impact of some cancer related side effects. Compelling research data also suggests that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, increasing longevity.

The Cancer and ReHab classes at Turnfit cover the following components of fitness:

Aerobic Exercise

If sustained over a prolonged period of time, can help to strengthen the heart and lungs. Pace yourself and always listen to your body making sure that you do not overexert yourself.

Flexibility and Mobility Exercises

Help to keep you supple and will help to get you moving through your full range of movement pain free. Stretching reduces muscle tension which in turn can reduce muscle soreness and lengthen the muscle to help improve range of movement.

Resistance / Strength Exercise

Prevents muscle wastage and disease related declines in muscle mass and bone density. This is achieved through body weight exercises, the use of resistance bands and free weights or through functional movements to enable you to get back to comfortably completing daily tasks.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Balance deteriorates with age regardless of cancer. However, cancer treatments can compromise our sense of equilibrium considerably. Specific balance exercises help to counter some of the effects of muscle imbalance and body asymmetry especially after cancer surgery. These exercises will also get you moving more freely and reduce the risk of you falling.

We hope that you will make exercise part of your recovery with us supporting you at TurnFit. This may be funded by ThriveFit or Topic of Cancer where some financial assistance is necessary.