TURNFIT STUDIO brings you three bespoke elements to strengthen your body and enrich your life.

Turnfit - Thyoga

thyhotyoga - EARTH Studio

serenity and strength

Through the heat and structure of a physical yoga practice, we develop resilience, awareness, strength and the energy to step from our mat into the outside world. A mixture of heated hatha and flow classes aswell as unheated vinyasa, seasonal and power flows.

Turnfit - Megaform

Megaform - FIRE Studio

sculpt and strength

A blend of creative strength based, core and high energy workouts including access to the UK’s only Lagree Megaformer studio.

Expect 45 minutes of heart pumping, sweat dripping, muscle trembling, hurt so good fun. Increasing endurance and stamina with slow twitch muscle fibre focus to build strong and lean muscles.

Turnfit - Water Studio

Bike - WATER Studio

power and strength

Dip your toe in the water with our blend of high and low tide sessions.

HIGH TIDE, high energy music, a bit of flash in the lights, some fun jumps and instructors to keep you motivated while you sweat.

LOW TIDE, a more meditative feel with longer intervals and structured for building Strength, Power, and Endurance to keep you riding fit throughout the year.

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